New Website Announcement: How to Launch Yours

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So, you’ve put in all this hard work, created a gorgeous new website, and figured out what you’re all about.

And now what?

Well, it’s time to let the world know that you’re awesome and unique!

And that you have something extraordinary to offer on your new site.

It’s time to create some buzz around you with a new website announcement.

Basically, it’s time to launch your website.

But how do you do that? And to whom?

Luckily, we’re about to spill the beans on how to do a successful website launch. Keep reading to find out!

Developing a Website for Your Business

Developing a high-quality website is crucial for your business because it tells customers about you even while you sleep.

You can attempt to build it yourself, which we did here at Dietitian Doc, or you can outsource it.

We opted for a self-hosted WordPress shell, a lightweight Astra theme with the Pro plugin, and the Elementor Pro site builder.

And then we got to work.

To help us with the basics, we leaned on a FREE Website Tutorial by the Unconventional RD, Erica Julson.

She walked us through how to select and set up our domain, hosting, and theme, and how to make basic pages. The web design is up to you.

The tutorial was essential because as tech newbies, which we were, it’s not exactly intuitive.

Our New Website Is Live

Then, the highly anticipated moment had come. We were going live!

But first, we made sure we had the appropriate security measures and could back up our new site!

Also, we had to learn SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is the backbone of which all internet business is conducted.

Learning SEO

Below is an affiliate link, if you click on it, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

SEO is an optimization of your site and content that you add in the hopes that Google will rank your pages in its search engine.

So, if you publish a blog post on your site, you make sure, that by applying SEO, Google can rank that post.

People are then able to find your page and you have a clear way to skyrocket traffic to your site.

This is the mainstay of making passive ad revenue on your site.

The internet can be pretty crowded, and SEO isn’t optional to use if you want to make a splash.

However, SEO isn’t about checking a box. It’s an overarching approach with many facets.

So, yes, we needed help with this too, and got the Unconventional RD’s SEO Made Simple course to help us.

We learned all the facets of SEO, for example, which plugins to use, how to set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and when to use Elementor.

We also learned how to use keywords, create backlinks, build authority, and complete a small SEO audit.

Needless to say, we highly recommend the course!

The best part, once you purchase the course, you have access to it for life.

And we’ve already referred back to it many times so it’s a great value.

You also get access to two digital marketing courses:

  • Email Marketing Magic –the power of email marketing
  • Make Money Blogging – how to make money online

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next step, get the SEO Made Simple course today.

To make sure you get the best rate, put dietitian doc in the affiliate box at check out!

Why Should You Announce the Launch?

Then, after all that, it’s time for the new website announcement.

Because you can announce both a new website launch and website redesign.

Why you might wonder?

Well, basically to let the world know that you’re available and great.

Or you have fantastic new features or a new look that people just shouldn’t miss.

Either way, it creates some anticipation and excitement and makes people look forward to your content.

Launch announcements also allow you to reinforce your brand and message.

And it can help visitors navigate your redesigned site which makes for happier people.

A product launch, on the other hand, is usually more complex and preceded by case studies. 

How to Announce a New Website Launch

There are many ways to announce a new website.

You can:

  • Have a countdown to Launch Day on social media
  • Let people guess how many hours it took to design and include a giveaway
  • Have a promotional offer and announce it in social media posts
  • Write a blog post or appear in a podcast
  • Post a video highlighting services or give a sneak peek
  • Write an email
  • Send a press release via PR Newswire or GlobeNewsWire

Or for a local website, you can announce your launch day by:

  • Sending out a mailer
  • Writing a press release to local news outlets and organizations
  • Holding a launch party

We’ll further highlight some of these below.

Website Launch Announcement Quote Examples

But what should you say?

Below are some examples of new website announcement quote ideas that you can customize for your business.

  • Come see our new home page. We redesigned it for you.
  • Yes, we can write too! Read this exciting new _____ blog post on our website. Newly added tips, news, and more!
  • We agree. Ordering is much easier now. Come check it out!
  • Yay! Our new clearance section now has special deals! Hurry!
  • We’re so excited – try our new ordering! You can contact us directly for __________.

Creative Website Launch Announcement

How do you come up with creative ideas for what to say?

You can look at other websites and sites like Pinterest for inspiration if your creativity won’t flow.

Here the sky’s the limit.

As long as you include your website, what’s new, why you changed it, what you can expect, and a promotional offer or call-to-action.

We made an example new website announcement of a logo change for our site, Dietitian Doc:

Graphic showing new logo and the text we’ve got a new logo, same great content, stronger look,, new launch.
Website Announcement. Design: Heselholt Group, LLC/Canva.

Website Announcement Template

Here’s an example of a new website announcement that you can use as a template for your business. Just fill in the blanks.

It’s Launch Day!

We’re thrilled to announce our new site! Find us at ________________. We’re your destination for everything _________. Come see us to get inspired, connected, and geared up.

We promise a brand new experience from beginning to end: A more interesting blog, better courses, and new perks.

Take advantage of our discounted______________ and enjoy FREE Shipping on our exclusive ___________now through the end of _________. Use code LAUNCHDAY at checkout.

And check out our new chat feature!

We can’t wait to see you!

New Website Announcement Email Example

Another way to announce is by email.

Make sure you email everyone on your list. Well, except perhaps for the pet food store. Unless you sell pet food.

A new website announcement by email should be inviting and tell people the where, when, and how.

You can include an offer or call-to-action such as a discount or enticement for joining an email list.

Image showing an email inviting people to a website launch.
Email Announcement Example. Design: Heselholt Group, LLC/Canva.

New Website Announcement Social Media

There’s no better place to announce your new website than by doing social media posts.

Not only is it free, but it’s a quick way to connect with people and you can easily look for motivation on sites such as Pinterest.

Below are a couple of examples that we made for social media, and specifically for Instagram.

New Website Launch Social Media Post Example

This example can be used for any social media.

Although when you make them, which we did in Canva, you may have to adjust the size for the different outlets.

Image showing two filled champagne glasses, a gold mirror, berries, and grapes and the text keep your eyes, peeled, we’re about to launch something spectacular and we know you’re going to love it.
Social Media Post Example. Design: Heselholt Group, LLC/Canva.

How to Announce Website Launch on Instagram

Below is an example of an Instagram post.

Graphic showing a tablet, pen, and the text breaking news, is now live, read our blog, sign up for our newsletter, get updates, special offers, and goodies straight to our inbox.
Instagram Website Announcement Example. Design: Heselholt Group, LLC/Canva.

Hold a Website Launch Party

Then, finally, if you are a local business with a website, you may want to consider a launch party.

A launch party can be nice if was a team effort to make your site come true.

It can allow your team to become more cohesive and can spark new ideas.

A launch party can be announced on social media by using an event page. If you tag your team members, it can be shared more widely.

You can also incentivize by adding special offers or door prices, and food and drinks.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter via a perk.

Website Launch Announcement Checklist

To recap, a new website announcement is done to create some anticipation and tell people about your services.

But firstly, to lessen the confusion, it may be a good idea to add a coming soon landing page to your website.

That way people will see that you’re working hard to produce content.

You can also start a daily or weekly countdown on social media culminating in a Launch Day post.

Furthermore, you can launch a series of emails, and write a blog post.

If you have a promotional offer, state that in the new website announcement or include another call-to-action.

Below is a quick checklist that you can refer back to.

Image showing two pens, a pad, coffee, notebook, and laptop with a launch checklist.
New website announcement checklist. Design: Heselholt Group, LLC/Canva.

Website Redesign Announcements

Sometimes it’s necessary to redesign your website. Maybe your goals and services have changed, or maybe you or the business have changed.

Either way, if your website design needed an upgrade, highlight why you redesigned it, what the new features are, and why they’re better.

Also, even though your redesigned website has new features, reinforce to your target audience that your great content hasn’t changed.

Smart Website Redesign Announcement Ideas

To provide some more inspiration, here are some redesign announcement ideas:

  • Hot off the Press: We’ve redesigned our website! It’s easier than ever to book your _________ appointments
  • We’re Live! Come see us and take advantage of our special offers. Only for a limited time.
  • We did it! We’re now offering ______________. Come see us!
  • We aren’t just prettier. We also have a brand new_______________________
  • The countdown is over. Check out our redesign. To celebrate, we’re launching our biggest ever GIVEAWAY!
  • Guess how many hours it took us to redesign. Win our exclusive __________

Final Thoughts

Developing a high-quality website is crucial for your business. It promotes your services even while you sleep.

And once you’re ready, planning a new website announcement is important for a successful website launch.

It reinforces your brand and message.

And lets the world know that you’re great, have fantastic new features, or a new look that people just shouldn’t miss.

All and all, it creates excitement and makes people look forward to your content.

You can make a new website announcement on social media, via email, or by writing a blog post.

On a local scale, you can launch a Launch Day party, send a mailer, or write a press release.


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  1. Thanks for the terrific tips! I created an author’s website using Godaddy but haven’t really known where to go with it. Thanks to you, I now see that I need to work on the SEOs as well as site maintenance and getting people there!
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