Meet the doc

Dr. Annelie Vogt von Heselholt (Vogt pronounced “vote”) is the founder and nutritionist extraordinaire of Dietitian Doc.

Early Days

Annelie’s professional journey started in the mid-1990s with an undergrad degree in health promotion at the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences.

While in Stockholm, she learned a great many things about health, how to be a leader, and the proper way to ski! She will also tell you that her curiosity for nutrition was piqued during the many hours spent at the university library.

Through a chain of events, Annelie moved to the US and completed an MS in Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport, and a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition at Rutgers.

Reaching the Top

As a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and a Registered Dietitian, Annelie was drawn to cancer nutrition.

Consequently, she became a Board-Certified Specialist in Cancer Nutrition and built a successful practice at Georgetown Cancer Institute in Washington DC. During that time, she became a sought-after authority and:

Awards outside of clinical nutrition:

Dream Come True

Despite the great work she was doing in Washington DC, it was time for a less hectic life.

Annelie and her husband Tobias decided to shift their focus to the dream of owning a small business. So, Annelie founded this page and Tobias founded My Retirement Doc – both with the purpose of informing and inspiring you. 

What you’re reading now is the result of many years of perfecting our skills. We hope you like what you see.

Exploring the World

Besides mastering clinical, research, and writing skills, Annelie enjoys traveling with her husband.

Her favorite trips are to foreign lands where she can see the sights on foot, take in local arts and culture, enjoy provincial cuisine, and gain a broader understanding of the world while sipping espresso in a picturesque café.

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